A rounded view on square breasts after 'botched' surgery

Recent reports on square breasts after ‘botched’ procedures give those electing to undertake breast surgery cause for concern. Norman Waterhouse clears up the confusion.




Square Breasts - Katy Jones


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Plastic surgery: Changing a child's life

Repairing damage caused by birth defects, accidents, tumours and disease


London, UK – 03 May, 2005 Norman Waterhouse, a leading London-based consultant plastic surgeon and one of the founders of Facing the World (www.facingtheworld.net), a charity that benefits children with facial deformities, today addressed the impact of reconstructive plastic surgery on children. …




Plastic Surgery: Secrets you should know

Leading plastic surgeon addresses common myths


Norman Waterhouse, a leading London-based consultant plastic surgeon and former President of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), today addressed some of the most popular plastic surgery misconceptions. …




We offer Skype consultations

We are pleased to announce that we will be available for Skype consultations. Whilst it is almost always essential to have a face to face consultation for anyone undergoing any significant procedure, many consultations offering advice, follow-up or suitability can be conducted using Skype.




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