What is the Nefertiti Lift?

Following my "Nefertiti lift" with Botox I can only say it is like having a facelift for four hundred quid!  ~ WS October 2015

There are a number of patients for whom facelift surgery is not appropriate.  In these circumstances with no gravitational jowling or laxity of the neck or looseness of skin in the cheek area, facial rejuvenation can be achieved with a combination of neuromodulators (Botox injections) and hyaluronic acid fillers.

This can be done in one sitting in a short time and usually involves filler into the malars, temporal areas and chin and jawline.  In addition Botox is used to selectively weaken the muscles that tend to pull the lower part of the face down.  This includes the platysma muscle, the lip depressors and some of the larger cheek depressor muscles.  For selective patients these combinations of treatments can be highly effective and are very helpful in circumstances where there is simply not enough ageing in the face to warrant a major surgical procedure but facial refreshment or rejuvenation is desirable.

As a plastic surgeon I am concerned by many of these so-called mini-lift procedures which in my opinion often produce scars and are presented with a significant cost but have very little long-term effect on the face.

For patients who need a real surgical facelift then a tailored bespoke procedure is definitely what is required but at the other end of the spectrum I think that the combination of Botox and fillers in the so-called Nefertiti lift can be highly effective particularly in the short-term.  The Nefertiti lift is something we offer at 150 Harley Street and we are delighted to consult with patients who feel that they may be suitable.

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